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If your heart is yearning for a change and
your mind is seeking answers.

Then Awaken is the book you should be reading. Hailed as the most insightful spiritual book this year. Awaken is clear insight that will delight your heart and challenge your mind.

Providing illumination on the path to freedom from the ego and towards true enlightenment and awakening. This book can
provide a clear journey to reach what you are seeking.

Inner Peace

The Teachings are here, are you ready to experience them?

What you will gain by reading Awaken

  • Insightful practices to use each morning to enhance your day
  • Discover the workings of your ego
  • How your ego creates all your challenges
  • How to meditate for real insight
  • Learn to quieten the monkey mind and create less anxiety but more clarity
  • How your ego sabotages you to keep repeating the same results in relationships, wealth and your inner life
  • How the world of Yin and Yang works to place a limit on your abundance and why you need “right action”
  • Learn the four things that have created, why you do everything you do
  • Real insight into how to walk the path to awaken and to enlighten
  • Experience from a master who has completed the Path
  • Harness your real power to connect to the divinity within

What people are saying

  • “This is one of the best books I’ve ever read on awakening/ enlightenment. The author’s direct, clear style of writing leaves you with clarity of an awakened path. His description of the ego ~ and the power of the Divinity within.. totally resonated for me. If you are on a spiritual path or considering answering the ‘call’ ..this book is for you. It’ll give guidance and clarity to anyone who takes
    the journey of awakening.”Lisa Santa Barbara


  • “This book breaks down the awakening process in such a basic way that I had goosebumps while reading it. The author’s ability to explain to the reader exactly what is needed to awaken is something that I have longed for, but not been able to find, in many other spiritual awakening books. If you are ready, this book will show you the way!

    Kenneth Griffen Jr

  • “Fantastic and fascinating read. Highly recommend this to anyone who is genuinely interested in bringing about meaningful spiritual change and happiness in their life.”

    Dr Joe Muscara

  • “It touched my soul immensely. One thing for sure is that I’m grateful to have been guided to Brett Jones whom I now call my spiritual mentor.”

    Jennifer Felt

About the author Brett Jones

  • 25 years experience in awakening and enlightenment
  • International speaker to audiences in Dubai, London, USA
  • Author of the best selling Awaken book
  • Recognised expert in assisting people to awaken
  • Worked with thousands of people
  • Published on Wake Up World, Omvana, Finer Minds
    Om Times, Rich Daily, My Empowered World.
  • Spiritual teacher

“Brett uplifts and inspires me.”

CARRIE-ANNE MOSS Actress The Matrix

Personal Message from Brett

“I am passionate about you having the deepest soul connection with yourself and awakening to how beautiful you really are.

Real inner peace, self love and the ability to live in the NOW awaits you. I am thrilled to be able to teach on these most important
insights which I know will transform you and begin your journey to spiritually awaken.

When you purchase the book you support the message and the misson to awaken as many people as possible.”

“We guarantee your satisfaction with the insight and peace
you will experience or we will refund your purchase.”