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Brett Jones

Brett Jones

Brett is an author, spiritual teacher, adventurer and lover of people. He has recently released his new book Awaken.

He has assisted many followers, master inner peace by knowing their true nature and to live life passionately. He has also assisted many to overcome depression, anxiety , loneliness and sadness. He is renowned for his insight into human nature and the mysteries of life.

He has been featured in the media such as Channel 9 Australia, West Australian newspaper, CNBC Canada, First Post India .

A personal Message from Brett.

I had a profound life experience in my 30’s that lead to the truth. I have since spent many years with wise sages and studying the mystic texts. The Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, The Course in Miracles, the Koran, the Tao Te Ching, Vedic Texts, Pail Canon and many others.

These writings and teachings within awaken are channelled. They come from the divine and are meant for you.

We are trapped in unawareness by the ego and made to see a world that is formed by it as a fabrication and under a false belief system. The results collectively around the world are evident and responsible for our suffering and pain. I would like to see an end to that suffering.

Practical examples  are provided on breaking free both from personal experience and from many ancient writings and masters. Your way to obtain real freedom to experience true happiness and fulfilment is from the only source that is lasting. The divine.

These teachings are simple to grasp and transforming. This book will open your awareness to the truth and begin for you the process to become free. Practical as well as theoretical, the teachings reach for your heart and avoid the mind manipulations available to the ego. For those seeking deeper knowledge and experience included are practices to connect with the divine and know for yourself what the truth is. As this is the only path to know it.

You are here at this moment because there are no accidents.

The teachings offer wisdom that have assisted many to find their own path to the truth. Please allow your awareness to arise as you read through the site and when you can, obtain a copy of the teachings in the Awaken book. They state the truth simply and in a way that will make sense to those whose wish to awaken. I ask you take time to fully absorb them and create the silence and peace for your own awakening to occur.

It is within you to Awaken now..

We also have many live events both virtual and in person. If the opportunity arises I would love to meet with you.


Brett Jones

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