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We have events that assist you to Awaken.

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Enlightenment teachings

Book tickets to our Free Enlightenment teachings in Los Angeles on the 9th Feb 2017.

Awaken 2

Set in Bali, one of the most spiritual places on the planet. This event will open your awareness to the sublety of the ego and master the practices to reach the divine.

You will see your ego and learn to raise your consciousness towards the divine. It is definitely my favourite event to personally bring awakening to you.

Amazing things happen when we gather here. I invite you to join us…

Cost: $4995

A payment plan is available to assist your attendance.

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The teachings

A Free two hour interactive session with Brett on the underlying principles of reality, the ego and the Teachings.

This are held regularly during the year in various locations. These talks are free.

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Posted by Brett Jones on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brett outlines these profound but simple wisdoms and how we can break free to truly find the truth and the divine…

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Awaken 1

Three days to begin the awakening process and find the heart of the truth. Carefully designed and crafted as an experience this is an amazing journey that I personally love. I have seen amazing awakening’s occur during the event.

I have placed all the learning’s on changing patterns I have been given into awaken 1. It shows in that over 90% who attend say they have had permanent change.

If you are seeking to begin your journey or accelerate your journey, this is the event I recommend you attend…

Cost: $1495

A payment plan is available to assist your attendance.

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