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Awaken your ultimate journey...

Time to find real abundance in your life ?

If you’re like most people who use meditation, visualization or manifestation, your goal is simple: you want to overcome your personal barriers. You want to give back and realize your highest potential.
And you know that across the world, more and more people like you are waking up to a more conscious lifestyle.
But why do some of these ‘lucky’ people experience deep life-changing transcendence – while you might still be wrestling with financial struggle, health challenges, unfulfilled potential, and jarring, unpredictable peaks and plateaus in your career and personal life?

You have inside a divine connection that has been covered up by the ego. The ego is always seeking to delude you. To hide from you the truth about life. It hides the truth about how beautiful people are. It hides the truth about how beautiful you are. It hides the truth behind a veil of a world that seems real but is not. The ego speaks to you all the time with its never ending incessant commentary on reality. It is the cause of your roller coaster life style and to break free you have to get to know how.

When we leave the ego behind and connect with that divine abundance then abundance flows.

How does the book assist you?

Firstly we train your mind to reach deep levels of awareness.
Regain control of your thoughts
Then connect you to your hidden wealth of wisdom.
Draw positive events to you.
Shape the life you seek filled with abundance.

Freedom is freedom from the ego. Freedom is no longer being bound by what you see as it is not real. Freedom is seeing reality as it actually is, in all its beauty. It is being fully in this moment. Present now and not following the ego’s voice.Freedom is finding that divine flow in life and allowing that to draw great things to you.

Awaken is a call to freedom. To join those who have  awoken and now know their connection to the divine , the singularity behind all life.

What you will gain from the Book.

Learn to eliminate old patterns of behaviour that keep delivering poor results.
Learn to attract abundance into your life.
Learnt to dissipate negative karma.
Learn to experience the truth yourself.
Learn to move away from living an egoic life.
Learn to exist in inner peace.
Learn to connect to intuition during meditation.
Learn to use meditation for its correct purpose.
Learn to commune with the divine.
Learn to awaken.


This is one of the best books I’ve ever read on awakening/ enlightenment. The author’s direct, clear style of writing leaves you with clarity of an awakened path. His description of the ego ~ and the power of the Divinity within.. totally resonated for me. If you are on a spiritual path or considering answering the ‘call’ ..this book is for you. It’ll give guidance and clarity to anyone who takes the journey of awakening. Lisa Santa Barbara 19th september on Amazon.com

This book breaks down the awakening process in such a basic way that I had goosebumps while reading it. The author’s ability to explain to the reader exactly what is needed to awaken is something that I have longed for, but not been able to find, in many other spiritual awakening books. If you are ready, this book will show you the way! Ken Griffen Jr 18th July 2015 on Amazon.com

Fantastic and fascinating read. Highly recommend this to anyone who is genuinely interested in bringing about meaningful spiritual change and happiness in their life. Joe Muscara 23rd june 2015 on Amazon.com.au

An easy to read book. A must for anyone needing direction on how to be happy and understanding why we are here. Life changing! Maureen Hall 18th June 2015 on Amazon.com.au

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Excerpt from the book

“So what is the ego?”

It is the Tao Yin, Hindu Shiva, the Judiac devil, the Egyptian Apep, the Buddhist Mara. It is the negative force in the universe, the forces of destruction. In Taoism the universe is a duality. There is black and white, hot and cold etc. Hence in us there is good and evil, understanding and ignorance, peace and war and love and fear. There is a sense in the ego that it is the opposite of the truth. For everything you truly are, the ego is the opposite.

You connect to it from the moment you come back into this universe. You can see it in the muscle structure on the left side of your face. Look at most photos, the eye and the muscle structure is different on that side. There is a shadow behind the eye, you can you sense it, you can see it. It exists physically in you as well as speaking to you in your mind.

The Tao Te Ching explains it as “All beings bear the negative physical form which is represented by Ying, and embrace the positive true nature which is represented by Yang.
With the union of these two, they arrive at a state of harmony.”

To awaken you must balance the two forces inside yourself. You must know the ego and know the divine. Not as knowledge but experience.

In the universe, all creative force is the divine and all destructive is the ego. Inside you the creative force is expressed for one purpose, to return home. The ego is the destructive force and it seeks one thing. To keep itself alive by keeping you in delusion and separating you from your connection to the divine. Its has numerous ways of achieving this as the teachings will show.

The ego will lie to you. It will never stop talking. In it, there is no peace. Conversely, with your truth, always comes a feeling of what to do. The words in your head are always from your ego. It speaks words, your truth always comes as a feeling, it always feels right.

The ego is split between the collective ego that runs through all of you and your personal one, which is the storage of all your negative experiences. The collective ego is the central delusion that our souls are not immortal and will die into nothing. This collective ego can lead nations into delusion like in Nazi Germany, Rwanda or Cambodia under Pol Pot. The collective ego is about separation. Deluding you that you are all different. Pushing you to see that those differences are not to be trusted, they must in fact be killed. “These people who are not like me.” That to the ego can be in color of your skin, religious belief, nationality because to the ego it doesn’t matter. The collective ego has been behind some of humanities greatest wars and genocides.

The personal ego is different, it stores all your personal events. They are all recorded and placed into an area of your brain that has no access to the positive experiences of life. So when it works out a strategy of solving problems it will say this is how it’s done and that will generally lead you to exactly what you don’t want. That’s why you keep running into the same boyfriend or the same marriage or the same boss or job.

These are called patterns and the ego stores and runs them all. You may have experienced your intimate partner hurting you, when all you want is to be loved. So based on past experiences the ego says the solution is to not open your heart to them. The result of course is they will shut down as well, as they feel you shutting down. So now you get less love. This is not an intelligent way to respond but the ego will use your emotions to power you into responding the same way each time. Until you divorce and have to find another person with which to practice this lesson.

You all know you have two voices in your heads that seem at times to conflict. One of those is not your true self. This is a misconception born from the ego to mislead you. Jesus quoted that “I am always with you” Meaning that the energy of your soul, the divine, your spirit is always there. It’s inside you but not in your voices in your head, that will always be your ego.

Jesus statement that “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” That wasn’t a statement about himself it was about the divine inside him and yourself. The “me” is our own divine speaking through him. The Buddha spoke of the piercing of “Mara” on the night of his enlightenment. In the second watch of the night he saw how “beings vanish and come to be again.” Only in the clarity of that spirit can this knowledge be felt as the truth.
That is what you seek. Having the knowledge about or even believing isn’t the same as the experience of it and therefore the knowledge of it. Many believe they are spirit but few really know it by experience.

As you become aware, the practice of understanding that every judgment, every voice you hear in your mind is your ego can be difficult. It is however, a great practice. Buddha called it “monkey mind” always jumping from one thought to the next, never happy to rest, always creating thought. To hide what is right there in front of you. The ego is always using itself as the filter of what you see hear and experience. A glass is never a glass. You like or dislike its shape. The taste of the water may be different to what you are used to, the water temperature may be too cold. You never just experience the glass.
The ego does this with everything. It removes you from the moment. It always has a comment or opinion on something. It never rests and it never stops. Practicing mindfulness can assist to give discipline to your practice. Mindfulness however is just a tool. Not an end in itself.

Just be still for one moment and attempt to not think. Its almost impossible isn’t it? Very quickly a thought will pop in. The more you practice though, the more you will find you are able to sit quietly without that thought being real to you. But if you loose focus then suddenly you will find yourself swept away in a wave of thought that consumes you and pulls you from reality.

At a lower level of energy or vibration you will act on that thought and believe it is you, who wishes this.
Moving to awaken you will be clear it is not you. Clarity of thought comes and clarity of heart, clarity of emotions. You can decide what you wish to feel and how you wish to react.

That is when you awaken.

For just $19.95 incl delivery.

E-book available now at US$8.99 depending on country.

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